The Mouse Story

The Mouse Story is Back. It is The END.

Two weeks -> no mouse, I call it The END. Not to mention that the hole, mouse used to get into my room, is closed now.

So what happened 2 weeks ago? I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks. Time flies here on the island and it flies even more when I go for 2 days to the mainland travelling from Nadi to Suva and then Suva to Lautoka and Nadi. The last trip took 6h of driving. I love driving but oh I was knackered! Still I made it to Lautoka Vodafone store and got my prize – the phone. Still have not used it as there is no need yet, I had adjusted quite well to using my tablet as my communication device. On the island I do not need a phone and no one calls me so there is really no need at the moment. One day.. one day..

So what happened… I was sitting in my room by the computer working.. it was the end of the month and I had to have all the store issues written down on the excel sheet. It was 1am. Late. I was tired and decided it is time to go to bed. I heard some random noises time by time… listened to them but could not figure out where they are coming from. I had closed the hole I assumed mouse used to get in so definitely thought there is no mouse in my room. I would have never thought she would spend a day in my room making a nest. Oh well… life is full of surprises so just before I was going to go to sleep, a thought came into my mind to check how clean the shelf is under my hanging clothes. Few of my clothes are hanged up and dresses are too long so they rest on the shelf which means I do not always check what’s happening under. That day I cleaned my room but did not clean the dust from all the places including my ‘open wardrobe’. I pick up all my clothes and this is what I see.. (people with low nervous system do not watch)


Fresh blood (a girl, a she, a women – it is confirmed), shit, fabric pieces of my blouse… what da hell?! Mouse has to be somewhere around here. I quickly open the hole I closed so she can escape. I start taking all my clothes away from the wardrobe and all of a sudden our eyes meet 10cm away from each other. I scream, she watches and quickly moves away. Obviously paranoid thinking she will die soon. Here she is hiding.. the little cutie 🙂


Yes, my blouse looks interesting… when people will ask me what happened and why a few hanging pieces are not there, I will say: “Oh, that is a mouse… she really liked it, what can you do.” And this is my only leather jacket.. she liked it too.


Does this mean a trip to New York? As that is where I bought it and there is no better shopping than NYC. Love New York and always happy to go there so maybe The Mouse is right. Next trip – New York. Yippee!!!!

Still haven’t caught the mouse. No idea where she is. I have cleared out the wardrobe, I have gone from one room end to the other and believe me it is not that big. I got distracted by my colleagues who came to my room wondering what happened after my big scream. Thank God for good, caring colleagues/friends/my family. As soon as I got distracted she disappeared but she must be somewhere.

The plastic bag BAG! I have a bag where I keep all my plastic bags. I take a look inside and here she is – the happy monkey -> hiding.


I slowly take the bag outside and Salu (a friend, a colleague, my family) says he will take it. I tell him, I do not want her to be killed. He says he will not kill her just hang the bag on a tree so she can escape later. Ok. That is fine. Please do so.

The End of The Story.

Have a good night everyone. Mouse free. Or. Mouse busy. It is all fun.

The Island Life.

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