A lot has happened

A lot has happened in the last few weeks.. months..

I have a few stories to tell but I haven’t felt it is the right time yet except The Mouse story that is coming soon. It was quite an adventurous night as usual with a mouse in the room 😀 Instead of going to sleep half past midnight after finishing work I went to sleep at 2:30am. No wonder I sometimes feel sleep deprived. I do.. even though I live in paradise. Yoga is the cure. Before yoga I want to sleep. After yoga – I am ready for another hour or more gym session, I could go swim and run up the hill and back – that is how much energy I get after a 1h yoga class. Since I came back from Latvia on June 16th, I have had guests come to my yoga classes in the mornings and evenings every single day. Many guests have been ‘first timers’ and they have totally fell in love with yoga. I have gotten so many beautiful comments from my attendees that it really melts my heart every time. One of the best ones.. his gratitude was: ‘”I am grateful for Kristiana who introduced me to yoga and now I really want to continue practising yoga”. I always finish a class with a thought of gratitude for that day and that was his gratitude for the day – his last day at the resort. These guests stayed with us for two weeks, him and his wife were coming to my classes every day. They are in their 50s and such wonderful people. I have to admit everyone I meet here is wonderful. 🙂 It is a blessing to be working here as the people I meet here are just invaluable. I have two offers to go and spend a week or more in a farm in New Zealand plus LA. It is like I am connected to the whole world by working in Fiji which is very remote and far from everything. How wonderful! Life is wonderful and I hope you feel the same way about your life because really… there is not much we need – food and a roof on top of your head and a few pieces of clothes. That is about it! It is simple. Simpleness is the key to happiness. Being grateful for the simple things because when we die.. we cannot take anything with us.. not the 100s pieces of clothes we spent money on and worked so hard to be able to buy them.. not the 100s of different types of dishes and furniture… all that has no value, it does not matter because when we die all we will remember or think of is the time we spent together with the loved ones, with friends, with people we met for a second and made great friendships.. we will remember experiences, trips, laughters, jokes… the simple things that we many times take for granted as they are just there available to us every day.. we don’t have to fight for them, work hard for them.. they are just there. Let’s appreciate and be grateful for the simple things in life – our friends, family, laughters, the jokes, nature, being able to go into the forest and pick blueberries or having a swim in the sea.. Simpleness.. being grateful for what is there around us right now is what makes life worth living. Live your life. Love your life and Be Happy!

May you all be happy.

The Island Life.

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