A guide to getting strong arms!

Hello world!

I know I have not written for a while. I was away in Latvia for 2 weeks to help my grandma and brother, meet my father for the first time in my life, meet my half brother and half sister for the first time. It was a BIG time! All new and unknown but I managed hihi 😀 I am alive, happy and positive as I usually am. Elizabete is still in Latvia and will be joining me again in October. She wanted to stay with grandma for a bit longer and you know there is no better time than NOW. Grandma is 85 so it is good to spend with her as much time as we can. She is our grandma, mom, our only special person left. She is beautiful, awesome, gorgeous and just so amazing!

Anyway this article is about how to get your arms stronger naturally! No gym, no equipment. First day I had to do this I hated every single step I did, I hated, I hated, I hated and did not stop hating 😀 lol Sometimes it is good to have so much anger and hate as the next day it gives you purpose and makes you find the positive side of it. Sooo the positive side of it is that my arms are getting stronger and I am building some muscle.. What do I do? I take mini bar to every room where people are going to check in. Sometimes it is like an Amazing Race as we have 12 rooms to be filled with loads of drinks in 1.5 hour. It was heavy.. for a girl like me who always avoided carrying heavy things and working on strengthening my arms, I literally hated it. The next day –  I loved it! Guess why! Before I carry anything I put myself in the right posture – shoulders down, tight abs, pelvis forward and I walk. It looks a bit funny and my managers just crack a joke every time they see me walk lol But it WORKS! My back is perfectly fine, it is better than fine.. I had heavy scoliosis last year and I still can see how I lean towards one side when I do yoga poses. It will take time to balance my body but this ‘correct posture’ thing works and I already see massive change in the way I walk and the way I carry my body. My shoulders start to even out. I love it! I do not let the boys carry anything as I want to do the mini bar myself. It is my morning exercise after yoga. It is fun. It is good for my body. It is good for my posture. I just love it! At the end of the day, life is always good. It is the way we perceive it!

Have a wonderful day ❤

The Island Life

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