More than six months.

I had a feeling this will happen and it did. I’m still in paradise, trying and capturing every single moment I can, being grateful and happy for this amazing opportunity to be here.

I have moved from managing the Dive shop and leading a team of 10 to Stores and Purchasing. What a change! I love it! I kind of love everything that happens to me here. This place is so healing. I am healing and the nature and people around me help me do that by just being there. It was a big year last year. Losing my mom and my grandfa… I love them both so much. For grandfa it was time to go and I felt it and have had said goodbye many times. For mom, it was not time to go. I know she feels much better now, no pain and just being in bliss. I really hope she is feeling blissful and is happy. I love her so much. She was such a beautiful, strong and special women. So bright and intelligent. Strong enough to give me birth and raise me by herself with the help of Oma (grandma) and Opa (grandfa). Mom – you are awesome!

This year there is also a lot of change in my life but it feels this change has happened already last year.. this year was just a completion period and it’s still in process. It’s really been interesting. I’d have never believed if someone told me, this is what’s going to happen. Life is such an adventure. Nothing is certain. The only certainty is change. I’m open to change. I’m happy and ready to move on. To follow. To follow God’s will. To have faith in him and faith in myself.

A little something from my Bible reading. I liked it and wanted to share it with you: “Faith is anything but safe. Our faith doesn’t instantly free us from our faults. The promises of God over our lives don’t translate into instant perfection. The standard we live by as we follow God isn’t immediate perfection but continual progress. To remain in the struggle against sin is a winning strategy. To continue to strive and refuse to settle is the pattern of people making headway in their relationship with God.”

From six months to one year. That’s all I’m saying.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

The Island life ❤

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