Manta Ray’s

Manta Ray’s.. huge, beautiful and gracious animals. Here in the Yasawas we can swim with Manta Ray’s. What a wonderful experience! So far we only have one to two Manta Rays that hang around the Manta Ray channel. Usually we would have around 10. Soon.. they take their time to come back. They come for a season and usually our winter time which is June, July, August, September.. in September they start leaving. Water is still warm and I was wondering if that has something to do with them coming back earlier as usually in May we would have a lot of them. Water is getting colder and more Mantas are coming back. Colder meaning from +29C to +27C lol not cold at all if you come from Europe haha but cold for me and for Fiji 🙂

When Manta Ray’s swim.. its like they graciously fly in water… slowly moving their wings, showing off their beauty.. its incredible.

I hope to get a photo soon of those beautiful creatures so I can share it with you.

Enjoying the Island Life.

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