Secret dancing busted

Okay.. this is really funny. I had this secret dancing going on in the gym usually after yoga. For like one to two or maybe three songs I will just be dancing in the gym. Making sure no one sees me. I always checked that no guests are coming, checked that the management can’t see me either and just danced moving along the rhythm of the music or practised some salsa moves. We have a TV there with video clips so I would watch the video clip and dance. Anyway this time it was dark outside and light was on in the gym. Winter is coming so days are getting shorter and it’s getting dark already around 6pm. I was confident no one will see me.

Guess what! I come for dinner and my manager Camilla (we are same age and she is awesome) tells me: “I saw you at the gym and you were dancing!!!!” And she has this massive smile and is about to laugh haha I was like: “Yeah I do sometimes but I always make sure no one sees me haha” “You are busted Kristiana!” and we both laugh. So here we go, my secret dancing is now not a secret anymore. Haha

Enjoy your day!

The Island Life.

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