True Joy

“True joy is in community, in service, in helping.” The Elephant Journal

While I was at the village, Soso village… community is just there, they’re all connected even if they are not.. there is this feeling of togetherness, sharing, helping, servicing each other.. there is no need to ask someone something, people just help each other without saying a word.. they just see what needs to be done.. it was wonderful! It felt so special and made me want to stay there forever.. being part of a bigger community, helping, being of service and being one with all of them. I could also call it Love. There is unconditional love, care for each other.. elders care for the youngest and vice versa… it depends on who has time and who is there… no argues about who will do what or task dedication.. it all seemed to kind of flow.. you could see a man doing laundry and feeding a baby same way as you could see a woman doing that… True joy really comes when we’re of service to others, when we help and are part of a community without expecting anything back.. we do it because it’s our free will.. it’s our choice to be there for them. I feel so incredibly happy being of service to the guests that come to the resort. And it really is not a task I do, it comes so natural and I get so much joy out of it. It’s the true smile, it’s the true care and I mean all of it. I’m happy to be of service, to help, to make them feel good and feel like a part of our community here at the resort until they leave. #truejoy #truehappiness

The Island Life.

Love it all ❤️🤗🙏


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