Surrendering.. praying.. and doing God’s will. Surrendering and praying I understand but doing God’s will I am still confused.

It’s been quite liberating to understand how surrendering might feel or actually feels when you let go, you pray and trust that God knows. He will show the way… he has planned it all even before I was born. I just need to surrender to his will, be attuned and listen to my heart, my intuition, my soul and that all is God. To surrender is what I am going to do and it makes me so incredibly happy because all of a sudden all fears disappeared, concerns and worries about future also. It’s like all of a sudden I felt free.. truly free. How amazing is that! It’s actually really amazing. I never thought that just deciding that I’m going to continue doing what makes me happy, stay where I am without a plan because there is no plan, I have no idea what will happen next or where will we be next, can be so liberating. Oh well, life is fun. I love the journey and the unknown is actually cool, it makes me feel good. It’s also very exciting! 😊 Even though most of the times I’m excited about everything even seeing the ant wash her face. Have you ever seen that? Oh, it is super cool to see it so I definitely recommend to not kill the ants but actually observe them and realise how amazing they are. Such wonderful loving beings! Eh! Life is beautiful!

Will write about praying next time as I feel it’s a whole another topic.. following God’s will might come up or not. Who knows! I follow the flow.

Enjoy the blog and be happy!

The Island Life.

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