“I love canned..

..fish – tuna and sardines I think. I never liked it before but now I love it because I live in FIJI.” Those were Elizabetes words after the second day of being in a village school and she comes home excited because she is eating something she would have never eaten before. They pray every day and are grateful for what they have. After lunch all kids stand in one line and brush their teeth. How cool is that! 😎

“I have good and bad news today.” Tell me. “Bad news are that there are no bad news. Haha April fools 😂! Good news are that I helped Aunty Va today. My stomach was still hurting a bit but I wanted to help so I asked if I can help. I scraped the coconut, I brought water, I fed the goats, I helped to cook lunch; we also cut the papaya tree and I fed the baby (Aunty’s Va grandson) with a milk bottle 🍼”. The third day in the village school. She comes home happy and excited and with so many stories to tell. I love her to bits and that childlike happiness about every little thing is what life is about! I love it. Thank you Elizabete. Thank you The Island Life! ❤️

In love with The Island Life 🌴

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