Funny… today during my yoga class all the poses that involve wrist flexibility and strength came up. I didn’t think much of it, I just followed as I usually don’t overthink why certain poses come up with different people. I just follow my inner guide. And then I see a lady show me how she wants her wrists to be held without saying. During my yoga training, the teacher said: “Watch your students as they will show you what they want to do next, their body will.” So I watched and saw, and did exactly that. Then another lady says: “Oh I had a wrist injury some time ago so I should be careful.” I smiled and just thought, no wonder all those wrist movements have been coming up during this class.

How great to feel into the group and just follow your inner guidance and intuition. Trust that the right pose will come up and sometimes it might be challenging for some but yoga is all about opening up your body, it’s about trusting and healing. When your body opens up and you move into places you have never moved into before, you heal. When your body heals, your tissue changes, your mind changes and your soul heals. We heal when we move without even thinking about it and that’s what I love about yoga. Our body holds onto everything our mind says or thinks. When we let go of the thinking that doesn’t benefit us, our body changes and we can do what we couldn’t do before. When we move during yoga the same thing happens but it takes time for the mind to process it.. things will come up, emotions, painful experiences and things we’re really attached to. Let go and be happy! Set your body free!

I love you ❤

The Island Life.

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