“I have a new friend..

..but he is not human.”

Those were the first words Elizabete said when she came back from the village. People wonder and look at her surprised. What do you mean you have a friend who is not human? What kind of a friend is that?

“It is a 1 week old cat. We saw him in the corner of the village. He had come to a house alone without his mommy. He was very lonely and the lady said we can take it. Aunty Va offered to take it to her house on the other side of the village where I will be staying after school until the boat comes to pick me up to go back home – the resort where I live and my sister works. The cat is very cute and Aunty Va recommended to call it Snowy as we do not know if it is a boy or a girl. Snowy fits both genders. Zoe is a dog that Aunty’s Va neighbour has and Aunty Va always calls the dog Snowy so that was another reason why the cat will be called Snowy.”

Elizabete holding Snowy


Elizabete is starting school tomorrow at SoSo village (photo below). What a paradise – on the beach, with beautiful green hills all around, dogs, goats, cats, chickens all in one place haha I mean not in one as each household will have different ways on how to get their food (farming, fishing or plantations).


Village life is also eating Bambakau (I am sure I have misspelled it incredibly wrong) for breakfast (first photo from the top) and drinking tea. Elizabete says: “It is like doughnuts but Fijian doughnuts. They are soo good. I love them.” We both had them. I love them too. 🙂 We arrived in the village just before 7am. Village’s Chief (Ratu) was still asleep so we had to wait until he wakes up to do Sevusevu. It is a traditional ceremony that needs to be done before someone new enters the village. As soon as it is done you are part of a family and everyone will call you for tea and talks. Now we are part of SoSo village family. ❤


Aunty’s Va daughter on the right with a baby (her brothers newly born daughter) and Aunty Va on the left.

The Island Life.

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