Trust You

Strangely enough ‘validation’ was a word that came up yesterday. I read a whole chapter about it in a book and it felt like every single thing that was mentioned there was me. The first thought that came in was: this is bad.. embarrassing that I was ‘needy’ without knowing it but I guess there are so many things we don’t know about ourselves. Hence we have a whole life to explore ourselves. At least we’ve all been given a chance to learn, to change and to accept ourselves as who we are. Perfection exists only in our minds but not in reality even when you look at a leaf and it’s lines, they are not perfectly aligned where I thought they would be. Even nature is not perfect but it might be if we choose to see it as perfect and that’s where acceptance comes in. If we are happy with what is without a wish to change anything then the whole world is perfect. We’ve accepted it.

It’s all about the mindset. We are what we think.

Validation and needy go hand in hand. What it means is that in the past I had always looked for other peoples approval, acceptance, recognition and affirmation to know, to make sure that I’ve done a good job or did a good project, or good sales or made the right decisions. I had to hear from others their thoughts, opinions on almost everything if not everything and many times I’d make decisions based on what others thought would be a good thing to do instead of trusting ME, my Heart, my Intuition and my Soul. Instead of trusting me, I chose to trust others. How crazy is that! Even recently I realised I’ve been sharing a few things with people to “secretly” receive validation that it’s ok to do what I wanted to do. I didn’t know that at the time of sharing, this awareness only came to me yesterday. It’s like I wanted others to say what I was feeling, to hear myself1 in them in order to feel supported but no one ever could tell me what I wanted to hear and never will. We all see things through our own shades, they’re all different so what I see or feel will never be the same for anyone so it was kind of ridiculous to look for validation outside of myself. Even if I had given a detailed explanation, the other would still see everything from their perspective not mine and it would make me frustrated because obviously it was not what I was expecting to hear. But how could I expect to hear what I wanted to hear? Lol Not possible. That’s why the best is to just trust Yourself and follow your Intuition.

Trust your heart and your soul. You are right and you know exactly what to do in the most confusing and toughest times. Trust You.

I trust ME and that’s where it ends. It ends with trusting myself. ❤

The Island life.

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