I’m grateful to have a really nice team of people to work with.

We had some changes in our team so now it’s just me and the boys. At first I was a bit worried about how it will all be.. Will they come on time? Will they disappear after lunch as before it happened quite often? Will they respect me, will they listen and help? I mean I’m the only women in the team and in Fiji women can’t tell man what to do but things still need to be done.. i was a bit worried..unsure..

It’s been one week since the Dive Shop Manager left and it’s been going very well. I’m happy, surprised, grateful and full of love for people I work with. Boys have been more than just respectful, they’ve been taking initiative to do things, they are always there, they help, they want to learn and do. I’ve been teaching them how to use Excel, how to do all the logs and how to keep things updated. They are so excited to learn and I am so excited to teach, to show, to inspire and be proud of how well they are doing.

The other day when we had to do stock take it felt like we are all one family helping each other and we’re all working towards one goal. It’s such a special feeling to work together not just as a team but as a family. It made me feel emotional (girls…). We also share. I share food, they share food. We all share.

It’s mutual respect. It’s one vision, one goal. It’s sharing. It’s singing. It’s learning Fijian. It’s speaking Fijian. It’s tears on my cheeks now (it’s something about family, sharing and having common vision that makes me be emotional). It’s learning Bula Maleya (the traditional Fiji Welcome song).

This one week was so full of happiness, laughter and just being.. Enjoying each others company and still getting things done. A lot of singing too..❤

The Island life.

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