Around the island

Okay, I obey. I kind of like this saying because it’s not often when I just obey and accept whatever someone tells me. Many times I want to argue my truth especially when I know what the truth is. I don’t like when people say one thing and then in a few weeks it’s been changed and what they said earlier is not valid anymore. It doesn’t make sense and I do not understand it. So yes, if I know that was the truth and that is what I was told, I will say it honestly without any fear. BUT what happens is that people don’t like to be confronted with the truth just like that. They would prefer to hear what they want to hear and not the truth. So I get in trouble by actually being honest and standing up for my truth. Sometimes it’s just good to say: “Okay, I obey” and just leave it, accept the situation and move on unless it’s important to my wellbeing or life. What I am saying to myself is “before fighting for your truth, first think if this truth is something that will affect your life in a big way. If not, just don’t fight, accept that the others are right (even if they might not be) and move on. Don’t take it personally as it’s never personal. It’s not about me.”

Not sure why this came up when I wanted to write about my around the island snorkeling trip but it’s all perfect.

Around the island trip ended up being a 1.5 island trip with 2h30 snorkeling. Much longer than expected not even making it around the island but making 3/4 of the island both ways so I did 6/4 of the island (1.5 island). Kind of crazy but no wonder my best friend calls me totally ‘loco’ most of the time. We are both ‘loco’, it’s just that she is not here and can’t do it with me.

The result: I found some beautiful reefs. Saw 20 squid swimming towards me, millions of fish, sea stars, sea cucumbers, millions of baby fish, colorful corals in the most unimaginable colors. Spectacular! Was it a success? Yes it was.

Why did I not make it around the island?
It became very rough just around the island, I still fought the waves and the currents but it became too dangerous as sea was rough, big swell and big waves like surf waves crushing into the reef. I didn’t want to die so I turned around. I think it was quite a sensible decision. Safety first.

What will I do differently next time?
I will put sunscreen on my legs especially close to the bottom. I totally burnt my legs. Pain lasted for about a week and the second week it all started to peel off. It was not a sunny day and I wasn’t totally white but for 2h30 in the sea I was. Next time no matter what the weather is or what my tan is, I’ll put sunscreen on.

If you’re curious about how does the island look like, see the marine life and the beauty go to this video taken by the Bucket List Family:

and watch it from 3:27min or from the start if you want to see the seaplane views of Fiji Islands.. continue watching to see the local village called Soso village where most of the staff that work at the resort come from. Enjoy!

The Island life.

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