Ten years

Sandrine. Soulmates. 10 years of friendship. February.

How do I know she is my soulmate? I just know. It is not something that can be explained or analysed with one’s mind. You just feel it. You see the person and you feel there is a connection, a strong connection for no apparent reason. Mind is confused as it does not understand this kind of a feeling or connection.. it tries to analyse, overanalyse, search for information on what this feeling could be but nothing… sometimes things happen beyond our mind’s ability to comprehend. And that is the beauty of life, the moments that can only be experienced and felt deep inside but they can’t always be understood with one’s mind. It is beautiful and makes me smile. The kind of smile that brings peace, compassion and love into one’s soul.

It was midday in Porto. I had arrived at Foz do Douro a few days earlier, was settling into our university dorms. We each had a room so quite a luxury dorm. Slowly getting to know people who were arriving for the Erasmus Student Exchange semester to study at Universidade Fernando Pessoa. We lived on a street called Rua Monte da Luz, which is a side street from the main road that is just in front of the sea. Yes, every morning I walked out to a beautiful sea view, blue sky (not so much in February as it was the rainy season) and a nice breeze from the sea. Could not ask for anything better because it was just perfect!

And she arrived.. with her massive suitcase behind her, seemingly heavy as she could barely pull it forward. She was dark with African hair braids looking so exotic! For Latvians to see a dark skinned person is always exotic as you don’t really see dark skinned people in Latvia so this is like “Wow”. So cool! I was so curios to know her and speak to her, also shy.. so shy. I watched her speak to the security guy and the Dorm lady. She was placed in a room just opposite my room. Exciting! I don’t think we spoke the first few days as I was soooo sooo shy. One day I heard songs that I really liked and I heard her sing along. Omg! I thought she is a singer. So beautiful her singing was. I saw her walk out of the room and used a chance to ask her about the songs, and we kept talking and talking and talking.. and we are still talking today.

Thank you Sandrine for sharing your life, your sorrows and your happiness with me. Thank you for being the best listener. Thank you for just being there. Sometimes not saying a word because words were not needed. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for dancing with me all night long. Thank you for bringing even more joy in my life. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for being nuts with me. Thank you for being there when my mom passed away.

You are the best person, the best human being, the best mother, the best wife and the best friend I could ever wish for. I know your husband is jealous but I know he loves me too haha

I love you all! ❤

Reflections. Love. February.

The Island life.

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