Elizabete and jobs

I call Elizabete to ask about her day. She tells me all about it and then says by the way I found a job for you in Melbourne. I really like it. It’s a Yoga job. My first response was: “What??”, “How did you find it?”. And here she goes: “I went on Google and searched for yoga instructor jobs worldwide. The first thing that came up was ‘Indeed World’. I clicked on the link and had to write what job I am looking for and what country so I wrote – Yoga Instructor and Australia. The first job that came up was Yoga Coach in Melbourne in Virgin Active. I looked at their website and it is really cool. The office walls are windows that means you will teach yoga in a classroom with windows. It is so beautiful. I really like it. I would really like to live in Melbourne. I think it would be very cool.” Those were all her words. I was so impressed that I didn’t even know what to say. A 10 year old with no work experience or experience in looking for jobs finds me a job. She did not need guidance nor help. She did it all by herself knowing exactly what she is doing. Funnily enough we never spoke about me working as a Yoga Instructor in Melbourne. We had spoken about Melbourne being a place where we could live one day but just talks. So this was amazing. I’m impressed! She is truly wonderful.

The Island life.

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