Body & Mind – Right Hip

There is a pose in yin yoga for opening our hips. Every time I did the pose my right hip would be so tight, the left one was perfectly fine, wouldn’t even feel it. So I started observing my right hip, started thinking what could that mean from a Psychosomatic perspective.

What is ‘right’?
It’s about being right, it’s having beliefs of right and wrong, good or bad.

What does ‘tight’ mean?
It’s being stubborn and not flexible, not always open minded, very strong beliefs about certain things that are hard to dissolve. So my body struggled to dissolve them so it became tight exactly in the right spot so I could reflect and learn one day. Today.

Now my right hip is fine. As soon as I reflected on it and went through the process of understanding my right hip, my body opened up and let me in. It’s less tight and it’s slowly dissolving all those strongly engraved beliefs and stubbornness. I don’t want to be stubborn anymore. I want to learn to accept others as who they are, be open minded to new ways of doing things, to new opportunities and new lessons. I want to learn to obey, to go below and see things from different perspectives.

The Island life.

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