Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s not an easy task to make a decision especially a big decision that could change our life by 360 and we never know it will be for good or bad. I think I’ve been running away from this decision for a long time. The good thing about decision making is that as soon as we have made a decision, solutions come and opportunities appear. Usually it’s hard to make a decision because it feels like everything will fall out of hand, out of control but when we have done it, peace comes and our mind becomes calm. We start to feel that inner contentment because we’ve followed our heart being truthful to ourselves, the fight between the right and the left side of brain has stopped. There is no good or bad, should or should not, right or wrong. There is a decision that stops all the inner discussions. Fears have left me because I just trust.

I decided to make a decision and trust it’s for the best, trust that all will be well and God will guide me. I trust your guidance God.

Thank you. I love you.

The Island life.

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