What is ‘Bu’?

In Fijian a coconut is called ‘Bu’.

Coconuts. One would think that it’s an easy task to find a coconut anywhere in Fiji especially on a paradise island like this .Guess what? It’s not. We live on a remote island in the Yasawa group of islands where it is sunny 98% of the time. We have a lot of coconut trees here but not a lot of coconuts because of the cyclone Winston (2016). It damaged all the trees so we lost all the coconuts and it takes time for the new ones to grow back to a maturity that they can be drinkable.

I have asked a couple of people about who could get me three coconuts or at least one Apparently there are not a lot of people who could get them as you need to know how to climb the tree and need to be a good climber. It comes down to only two to three people who can do it in the whole resort and there are only two who are present. So I went and asked. It’s been 3 days and no coconuts yet. Yesterday I met an electrician who had a bag of coconuts. He got them in the bush. They were coconuts for cooking not drinking BUT he is able to get the drinking ones. I was very happy but you never know so I encouraged him by promising to trade in one litre of milk that I had bought back on the mainland. Guess what? It worked. Today I received the three coconuts and he got 1l of milk 🙂 how cool is that!


Fiji life.

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