Lice. Nits. Lice eggs.

OMG! I could have never imagined there can be so much lice and eggs in someones hair. Elizabete, my sister, is a beautiful girl with beautiful, thick, blond hair and one day (this is 4.5 weeks ago from now) while combing her hair I see little insects in her hair moving around, bigger and smaller like in a factory. SO many that it was hard to believe it is actually true. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do, didn’t even know how to call them in English, had to use Google and just freaked out. I also felt angry that I have to deal with this now, that she doesn’t brush her hair and is so careless regards to her hair, could go unwashed for two weeks unless I check on her. I even started to feel itchy all over my body and my head. Jeez, I really freaked out. Anyway, first thing that came into my mind was Coconut Oil. Coconut oil should help I thought so I covered all her hair in coconut oil and made her keep it in for a while. After that we washed her hair and most of them were gone, at least the live ones, the big ones, the scary ones, the ones that freaked me out. I spoke to the locals who obviously know the best about what to do when kids have lice and they said coconut oil. Bingo! At least I got that one right! But they also told to check the office for special shampoos that actually is a mix of oils or something similar that you keep in ones hair for 20-30 minutes. Really you don’t need one if you have coconut oil as it works exactly the same way. After using coconut oil and the shampoo (I really wanted to make sure we kill them all) there were still little things attached to her hair which I thought will disappear after using the shampoo as per instructions and coconut oil every day but they did not. Three weeks and still there. I couldn’t understand what is it and I asked my friend Google. Nits / lice eggs, that’s what it is. I found out that there is a special comb that we need, to comb out those nits otherwise they will just be there forever. Good that my working week was coming to close and we could go back to the mainland and look for the comb. Apparently they can be found in any pharmacy and yes, we found it in the first one, and also bought special shampoo that dissolves eggs connective glue and makes it easier to comb them out. I didn’t even know things like that existed – eggs glue remover. I am not sure if it really made it easier for them to come off her hair but they were coming off. It was painful for her as the comb is very thin 0.3mm but slowly and surely the bucket was filling with dead nits. Yaiks! It took me 15 hours. Yes, fifteen hours! Two full days.

During the process we were like two old ladies arguing, yelling at each other, getting angry just because it is a slow and painful process especially for Elizabete who had to sit down without moving for many hours. A 9 year old. She was getting very upset and I was getting upset that she moves as then I can’t see. It was something I couldn’t escape from, it just had to be done and time by time it made me angry. I just wanted to be done. But then I took a deep breath and calmed down, and sometimes even laughed to myself as Elizabete could complain and complain about things the whole time, she wouldn’t stop talking. So much anger and frustration, so much love and so much hater at the same time haha 😀

Patience and love was all it was.

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