Island life

It’s been one months already. I thought I’ll write one blog a week but maybe that was a bit too ambitious. Christmas and New Years was hectic. We met some amazing people, had dinners together and enjoyed our time very much.

Island life. What is it? How does it look like? What do you do? Most people ask me so what do you do on the island. Teach yoga. That’s it? No, not really. My day starts at 7am with the first yoga class at 7:30am. After that breakfast and off to the Dive shop/Activities where I work until 2pm and sometimes until 4pm depending on the rest of the team. At 4:30pm there is kids yoga and at 5pm sunset adults yoga. I’m usually finished around 6:30pm. This is what I do for 21 days except Sundays when I just do yoga. It might sound quite laid back but it can get very busy especially when we are on high occupancy which is close to 100%. The busy times are between April and mid January.

Dive shop and activities team also take care of all the arrivals and departures of the guests. We are the first ones and the last ones guests usually see. It’s very nice to welcome everyone to paradise and to say goodbye which can get sad as me and Elizabete make a lot of friends here. Elizabete makes friends with kids and then I become friends with parents. She could be the resorts Guest Relationship Manager, she is so amazing with everyone and makes new friends every day. A natural!

We have people arriving by boat, seaplanes and helicopter. Seaplanes come straight to the beach. It’s amazing to land on the sea and get off on the beach. Nothing can beat that!

Seaplane arrivals/departures

There are plenty activities every day from snorkelling trips by boat to mountain hikes as well as paddle boarding and kayaking, and snorkelling off the beach. So much to do and we are here to make sure everyone is sound and safe at all times.

Diving is great around here, all dive sites are 10-20min away. I’m thinking of moving up to be an Advanced Diver and Rescue Diver so I can become a Master Diver but let’s see if I can do it in the six months I’ll be here. I’m in no rush. Fiji time.

My translation of Fiji time is ‘Things will happen at some point, when and where we don’t know yet and it’s not important because we know it will happen so just wait, be patient and enjoy the moment.’

Days can be busy and very tiring. I’ve noticed that I get very tired every day and it’s not like I do much, it’s just hot. Heat is something incredible. It makes my brain so slow and off the beat that I sometimes worry I will forget what the front office lady just told me. I have to repeat it to myself to not forget. Heat really make me so slow. I’d like to move faster and be able to do more things especially during my break between 2 and 4pm (like write my blog, finish some psychosomatic therapy reports etc) but it’s just not possible. My body and brain are both tired because of the heat. Seriously I have never experienced anything like this before.


After the evening yoga I feel like myself again. I can think, move fast and have energy to climb mountains again because it has cooled down and sun is setting.

Good thing about island life is ‘you don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, laundry and all the other household things’ which I usually end up doing as soon as I arrive home on my 8 days break. Its nice to be taken care off, it’s nice to have time to do yoga and arrive for ready breakfast and dinner. Maybe I’m spoilt and selfish but it just means I have more time to do things I enjoy as usually I have no time to do them. I just do what I need to do, what I’m supposed to do, what others want me to do and what needs to be done. I do love cooking, baking, eating healthy and making my own quinoa salads but it usually means I don’t have time for yoga as I like early dinners or I just need to learn how to combine the two. Anyhow, the best part of my life here is to not worry about the household. I am grateful for it every day. Every time I go home I realise how great it is to have time for yoga always twice a day 7 days a week and then I appreciate my island life even more. And it really is a good life. I love it. Thank you Paradise.

The Island life.

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