Focus on you

Here we are. Just arrived to the island. Three hours from Pacific Harbour to Port Denarau Marina and then 3 hours by boat to the paradise. It’s a beautiful day here in the Yasawas after more than a few days of rain that flooded a lot of places in Fiji even this resort.

Staff were happy to see us back which made me feel welcomed and really missed. First thing we did – lunch and a snorkel in the pristine waters that surround us. It was so refreshing because it is soooo hot now. We are almost in the middle of our summer and it is way too hot for someone from Northern Europe.

Today apparently is also a Staff Christmas Party. Got a nice Bula dress and so we were off. Kava ceremony, band playing and staff singing, lovo.. everything that you would have in a party by Fijian traditions. The amazing thing about Fijians is that they can sing and dance, and play an instrument/instruments. I seriously don’t know anyone who wouldn’t know how to do it. I watch it and sometimes get tears in my eyes. They are all so talented. Such beautiful souls and such a free spirit. It’s something to admire and learn from. They can be serious, silly, have fun, laugh, cry, be sad, angry… they express it all. They also know how to not take things too seriously and where to be involved and where not. It feels like back in Europe or at least myself I try to be involved and worry about everything which can get very tiring. It was nice to be taught today that I don’t have to worry about things I don’t have to worry. It probably had become such a habit that I didn’t even notice I’m doing it so it was great to have a Fijian remind me that there is no need to get involved in someone else’s business. Focus on you. ❤

A beautiful day in a beautiful place.


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